07 zx6r

Kawasaki ZX-6R. It is known as a true winner of the race, the Ninja ZX-6R sportbike captured a 1-2 at the end of 2007 Daytona 200 and placed 1-2 in the 2007 AMA Supersport championship, with a concentration of 600-class power Grand Prix and handling. The result is a weapon excitation circuit capable of cornering speeds previously unknown to the middle class, while retaining the wide range of power that is pure Ninja.

To provide the required performance in the demanding environment circuit, the Ninja ZX-6R Ultra-high rpm 599cc four-cylinder cranks to power with a fat torque curve linear acceleration and strike across the system. Its impressive torque healthy midrange and overcapacity are rev bike race pure, allowing riders to stay on the gas when under revving machines are back and forcible transfer.

The Ninja ZX-6R engine has been specially designed for minimal internal friction, it is more flexible and allows the rider to easily change the cornering lines with minor adjustments to the gas. Use stronger, stiffer and more compact than the engine components of their predecessors have resulted in a slim and compact engine and chassis. Its racing heritage also includes a transmission from neighboring tape makes it easy to keep the ZX-6R screaming at its peak and a slipper clutch faster than the funds do not disrupt the rest of the chassis.

A compact, lightweight chassis allows the Ninja ZX-6R to make a quick entry enhanced by the slipper clutch and powerful radial-mounted brake calipers front and maintain the speed in the turns over throughout the tour.

The frame and swingarm were developed with an ideal balance of rigidity, the bike responds instantly and precisely to the rider of each command. Spare engines centralized mass and a variety of other factors were optimized to help its features Instant-turn. Once in the turn, the Ninja ZX-6R holds a line with precision and tracks through the top as if it were on rails.
All these reactions are very specific chassis, with the ZX-6R communicating every move directly to the rider. The machine responds more precisely and predictably to the input and changes in body weight.

The entire frame, suspension, engine and body strengthens the ZX-6R fun factor to navigate while providing high performance power of a 600cc Supersport racer and maneuverability of a small displacement machine GP. The results are faster cornering speeds, lap times faster and look even more concerned about the faces of the competition. Thus, the runner-compromise performance of the opposition to ease, Ninja ZX-6R is a pure expression of Kawasaki’s philosophy course and is designed for home trophies.

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