Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R

2008 Kawasaki Ninja ZX 6R news and updates
The development of the new Ninja ZX-6R started with a clean slate: pure performance offered by one 599 cm? Supersport model instead of two as in previous years. Born of the runway, the new Ninja ZX-6R corners like bikes of half its displacement but possesses a meaty mile-wide powerband. The Ninja ZX-6R is all new ultra-high speed motor with cans intake ports polished Way Out more torque mid-range than its predecessors. The result is a power range of fat in Nice with a linear power curve, for hard-hitting acceleration at all speeds. No other machine in its class offers such an impressive amount of smooth, step-free power, and no other computer system more than the new Ninja ZX-6R. Specially designed for ultra-low friction, compact in-line four book highly responsive throttle control, making it easier for riders to adjust their speed and line while cornering. In developing the Ninja ZX-6R chassis, the Kawasaki engineers concentrated on designing a machine that allows high corner entry speed and high-speed curve. Like a bike with a much smaller displacement, the Ninja ZX-6R compact, lightweight chassis allows it to maintain its cornering speed in the corner – that’s what makes it so much faster than other bikes in its class. Speed control in the turns is further enhanced by a perfectly balanced combination of slipper clutch and powerful radial-mounted brake calipers. Complementing this track-oriented package are fully adjustable front and rear air suspension and the best aerodynamic package ever. Consequently, the new Ninja ZX-6R offers the power of a high-performance 600 mated with the nimble handling characteristics of a small-displacement racer – a combination that will put this bike at the head of the pack in 2007.

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